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Susan B.
Relationship: Client
Project Date: November 2016
Project Price: more than $100,000

Jackie did an amazing job on my family room addition. It was on time, under budget and really works perfectly with both the style of my home and my family’s needs. Jackie is the perfect combination of creative and organized. In terms of the design stage, her process of asking questions and probing your thinking and needs up front helps minimize potentially costly changes mid-project. When it came to actual construction, she was totally organized. Everything is computerized and transparent, so we knew exactly what would happen when and when to make specific decisions, and all the people who worked for her were polite and clean. She gave a lot of though about how to minimize distraction for our family– and we stayed in our house the whole time. She was a timely and efficient communicator. If I noticed something off, one phone call or email and she would have it all handled. For busy DC people, she is godsend and true professional in her field. I highly recommend Jackie as a one stop shop for your remodeling needs.

Modern Lines Blend with Eastern Period Pieces

Alaka H. 
Relationship: Client
Project Date: July 2016
Project Price: more than $100,000

I give Jackie my highest recommendation. She built a new level for us and completely renovated the existing level – all under-budget and on-time. She took the time to learn about what was not working for us with our existing space (both in terms of function and aesthetics), and she completely addressed these issues in the renovation. Our house is beautiful and we have more storage than we can fill. She also worked with our budget, suggesting when we could save with particular types of materials and offering inexpensive changes that had high visual impact (e.g. knocking down walls, restoring original wood floors).

Kitchen as part of full house remodel

Naftali B. 
Relationship: Client
Project Date: May 2017
Project Price: $50,000 – $100,000

Jackie was terrific at listening to our goals and concerns and incorporating them into a design. In several cases she came up with ideas that would never have occurred to us, but turned out to be just right. This project included some unusual challenges, which Jackie solved in the best way possible. On top of that, it was completed in a very timely way and according to the budget specified.

Making the Most of a Small Yard

Rachael H
Relationship: Client
Project Date: July 2016
Project Price: more than $100,000

We hired Jackie as both our designer and general contractor, and we can’t recommend her highly enough! At the beginning of the project, Jackie spent time getting to know us, our design tastes, and what we ultimately wanted out of the renovation of the first floor of our house. As a result of these conversations, Jackie was able to design a space that perfectly met our needs. Ultimately, Jackie provided us a plan that worked within our home’s existing footprint, but which significantly expanded our usable space. The design provided us with a more open floor plan, which opened up to our expanded deck in the back. She also recognized our need for more organization, and provided numerous closets and built-ins for storage and display of artwork. Finally, she created a master bedroom and beautiful bathroom on the first floor also. In sum, her creative design allowed us to do far more within our budget than we ever imagined. 
Her impressive design work was matched only by excellent project management. In her role as general contractor, she clearly communicated with us at every stage of the project (both in terms of schedule and budget). Jackie is efficient, organized, and a consummate professional. Importantly, she recognized our need to have the construction site cleaned up at the end of the day, so that it was safe for us to live in our house during the renovation with our two young kids. To that end, the subcontractors Jackie hired were excellent. They were skilled craftsman, who left their work spaces clean at the end of every day. 

Overall, we had an excellent experience with Jackie—the project was finished on time and on budget. We have recommended her to others and we will certainly contact her again for any future projects.

Restful Color Palette

Rebecca W.
Relationship: Client
Project Date: May 2015
Project Price: more than $100,000
We highly recommend Jackie as both a designer and a general contractor. Jackie worked creatively within our home’s existing footprint to significantly expand our usable space, making our living areas brighter and more open. Outside she turned a narrow, virtually unusable backyard into a gorgeous entertaining space. Renovations are notoriously stressful, but Jackie did such an excellent job of communicating project status, timelines and budget that much of the anxiety was eliminated. Jackie’s subcontractors were thorough, meticulous and did beautiful work. Even small jobs were done carefully and well. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I’d happily do it again.

First Floor Remodel

Adam B
Relationship: Client
Project Date: March 2016
Project Price: more than $100,000

I have recommended Jackie to all of my friends and family — without reservation! The work was of excellent quality, accomplished with creativity, responsive to our needs and finished on time and within budget.

Her experience in eliciting our preferences showed through from the start by challenging us to articulate the results we wanted and listening to both what we said and what we intended. “Don’t try and solve the problem, but tell me what you want out of the space. I’ll provide you ways to solve the problem.” And so she did. What we like so much about the new space is that it is unique to us, but classic in its own way. It has a modern feel yet retains and recreates elements from the original house. And it provides both an openness across the first floor while retaining intimacy when sitting in any particular room.

Our house was built in 1926 and as such contains both structural and decorative elements from pretty much every era since then. It is a relatively small duplex connected to our neighbors and therefore presented a number of design and construction challenges. She managed to unite these elements into a pleasing, coherent and functional space. And once a design had been established, Jackie proceeded to manage the complex project moving seamlessly from “right brained” creativity to “left brained” organization. 

Only by living through our renovation did I acquire an appreciation for the large number of specialty trades involved and the complicated scheduling necessary to have materials on hand and work done in the proper order without creating any waiting or delays. We had been warned by others that things appear to go fast at first and then you don’t get a sense of progress because the detailed work happens more slowly. This was not our experience. There seemed to be constant progress and seamless and accountable “baton passing” as one team transitioned to another. Clearly, Jackie was in charge and in pleasant but firm ways had quality crews at the work site when she needed them, despite the occasional surprise of a rotten beam or a snowstorm.

And, finally, throughout both the design and construction phases, Jackie’s communication with us was superb. Communication was frequent and she regularly provided us updates on schedule and budget. She anticipated choices that needed to be made and provided us the time and guidance to provide meaningful input. She raised problems immediately and also offered solutions. She considered and accommodated our last-minute requests whether or not they were timely and provided us the information we needed to make decisions.

I strongly recommend Jackie Braitman if you are looking to re-think your living space. Her artistic vision, her organization and diligence in implementing a large project over a long time frame and her skills in listening and communicating set her apart as both a manager and an artisan.

The small semi-detached home was opened up front to back

Betsy F
Relationship: Client
Project Date: October 2015
Project Price: more than $100,000

We have been enjoying our completely renovated kitchen and are very pleased with the final product. It’s efficient, functional, and beautiful. Jackie and I worked on numerous custom touches – like a sink grate that fits just flush with the counter in the coffee area and acts like a countertop extension. In each case, she clearly heard my desires and devised and executed elegant solutions. 

Jackie didn’t try to impose her aesthetics on us. In one funny instance, before we started she said she thought the space would be too austere and recommended using oak to match the flooring on the small soffit above the cabinets . We said “no, we couldn’t envision doing that”. But once the kitchen was completed and we felt it looked too austere. Without a single ‘I told you so’, she mocked up the oak treatment so we could visualize how it would like – and, guess what, it solved the problem. It wasn’t until my wife mentioned that this was one of her original ideas, that I realized she had anticipated the problem and the solution. But she was willing to let us learn for ourselves what would work best – she knew she could retrofit it if needed. 

Jackie finished the project under-budget. She finished on-time – with only a few punch list items that needed to be fixed over a few weeks. Jackie’s crew was all wonderful to work with – professional and respectful of our home. 

I will use her as we update other portions of our home.

Suspended Cabinets; Cove Lighting

Relationship: Client
Project Date: November 2015
Project Price: more than $100,000

Jackie’s work has truly been life transformative! We love our neighborhood but are in a small 1940’s cape that just didn’t have the indoor/outdoor access and open floor plan that I envy about more modern homes. For us the biggest issue was not being able to seat enough people around our dining table. We thought we needed an addition – but we couldn’t really afford one large enough to solve all our problems. Jackie showed us that by moving some walls and making some spaces serve dual-purpose, we really had enough space to make it work. She also added new windows and doors and repositioned some existing windows and doors. Our first floor is now flooded with natural light. We have a great deck that extends our living space. A formerly tiny, unused front room is now a gracious foyer with some of the space enlarging the now open-plan living area. And, best of all, all whether it’s just the 4 of us or we have friends and family over, we all seem to fit just fine in what once felt like a tiny house. 

It was great to work with Jackie right from the start. At the design process, she showed us several different options. Using computer renderings – that almost looked like photos – she showed us how our house would work with different size additions and then also working within our existing walls. She used our existing furniture to show us how the new spaces would work. It made the decisions so much easier. 

Jackie showed us a schedule and budget at the start of the process and both were right. No extra costs – except for a few add-ons we asked for. I couldn’t believe it. Plus every single one of her team was terrific to work with – thoughtful and courteous. We hope to do a master suite in about a year or so. And there’s no question, we’ll use Jackie again.

Opening Up a 1930's Cape

Relationship: Client
Project Date: October 2010
Project Price: more than $100,000

We hired Jackie to help us renovate our 1920’s bungalow. We wanted to make better use of the space (the house was carved up into many small rooms), update the kitchen, and add a deck for backyard access. Because of the layout of the house it was very difficult for us to envision the best way to reconfigure the space without actually changing the footprint of the house. Jackie provided us with multiple computer generated renditions that helped us select a design that worked best for our family, while staying within our budget. Jackie is extremely organized and efficient and was very conscientious about ensuring that the construction caused minimal disruption and was safe for our two young children. Her crew was professional and a pleasure to work with. Jackie met with us regularly to keep us updated on the progress of the renovation. Most importantly she was able to keep the project on schedule and on budget. I highly recommend Jackie and would not hesitate to work with her again.

Opening Up a Bungalow

Relationship: Client
Project Date: January 2012
Project Price: $50,000 – $100,000

I highly recommend Jackie Braitman! She is creative, practical, and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of her projects (from design, to color/ materials/products, to the actual construction). She developed design solutions that were suited to our tastes and needs, and that fit within our budget. And she met her commitments, both as to budget and project completion. 

We first hired her to redesign our narrow back deck. She came up with a creative plan that, in addition to adding just the right amount of space, included the concept of metal railings that provided more visibility to the landscaping below, and wooden rafters to house an indoor-outdoor ceiling fan to help ward away mosquitoes and provide some much-needed cool breezes in the summer heat. We now live out there!

We next hired her to completely design and rebuild our three bathrooms. Her designs were both beautiful and practical. Each bathroom had its own set of challenges, both as to dimensions and storage needs. She worked closely with us to create three very unique spaces. Despite plumbing problems that were uncovered during the construction phase, she came in under budget and on time. We’ve received many compliments about the bathrooms. Her crews were professional and efficient.

Vessel Sink in Master Bath

Relationship: Client
Project Date: April 2011
Project Price: $50,000 – $100,000

Braitman Design is terrific to work with. The principal, Jackie Braitman, has an artist’s eye, sound technical expertise, and an open mind. She listened to me, gave me several workable options, explained every detail that I asked about, and always responded promptly and constructively. She has a great team with the same high standards of execution and service. I could not be more pleased. I’d been interviewing firms for years, and once I met Jackie had no hesitation in proceeding with what was for me a large project. I continue to retain her and her firm for projects large and small.

Relationship: Client
Project Date: May 2010
Project Price: more than $100,000

I am a repeat customer of Braitman Design and hope to be able to work with Jackie on every remodeling project we undertake. Jackie has great ideas for use of space, and has an exceptional talent for understanding and executing your style even if different from her own. We did a master suite remodel, an outdoor landscaping project, and basement remodel, and all turned out beautifully, on budget, on time, and with skilled contractors. When there were issues along the way, Jackie handled them with the contractors directly. I have become convinced that using a service like the one Jackie provides – design, budgeting, and oversight of the project – is 100 times smarter that trying to do that part yourselves, to save a few dollars (which we also tried, before meeting her). Her designs are terrific and very functional, and the final product will be done with high quality, as she has a great network of talented contractors. Jackie is a pleasure to work with, and worth every penny – highly recommend!

Relationship: Client
Project Date: May 2011

Jackie Braitman helped me select new colors for the inside and outside of my house. It’s a very small Craftsman Bungalow, built 1923, in Takoma Park MD, a neighborhood of hills, many mature trees, and a creative, friendly community that values individual expression. The inside was painted a beige color to provide a neutral background for my folk art collection and its wide range of colors. Jackie suggested adding character by using several different variations of a gray-green, ranging from almost white to very dark. She also recommended the most talented, conscientious, painter I have ever encountered.

Jackie suggested attractive colors that blend subtly together and go well with my things, but also did far more. The way she arranged the various shades and managed their contrast with the white woodwork brought out the architectural qualities of my house in a marvelous way. For example, the best feature in the house is the beam and board ceiling in the living room. I had never managed to make it stand out like it should. The living room is a medium shade, and the surrounding kitchen, dining room and hall are darker. She chose a slightly shiny warm white for the woodwork and most ceilings. All the ceilings are high – ten feet I think – so in the kitchen she had the ceiling painted the same dark gray-green as the walls. That creates a cozy feeling of a room with a much lower ceiling than the living room. Then when you walk into the living room, it explodes with its larger size, lighter color, and seemingly higher ceiling. 
with the white boards making interesting shadows on the ceiling.

I often read in magazines that painting is the simplest, least expensive way of upgrading an interior. I had never imagined it could change the whole way one moves through the house and experiences its architecture.

I was so happy with the inside that I asked Jackie to help me find new colors for the outside. Since the house sits on a north facing hill and is deeply shaded, it needs something interesting to keep it from disappearing. I liked the gold and brick red combination I had, but wanted something that would blend better with the new indoor colors.. Jackie chose a blue/gray color for the background and used a green from inside the house as the main accent. Then to liven it up she added a vibrant reddish orange as a secondary accent. The way the green and orange surround the windows is amazing, and makes the simple front of the house look magical. The orange also highlights the original Craftsman door and a bench built into the front porch.

I found Jackie’s work totally brilliant, and think it reflects her experience as a sculptor who works with color as well as volume. She simply understands how color and shape work together in a way most of us don’t. And she is totally down to earth and respectful in explaining what she is doing to the non-specialist. Not only was it pleasant to work with her, it was a great learning experience.

A Colorful Craftsman Bungalow

Relationship: Client
Project Date: October 2011
Project Price: $50,000 – $100,000
I first engaged Braitman Design Studio in 2011 for a major outdoor project, and I have used the Studio multiple times since for both outdoor and indoor projects. The work is always of the highest quality, done in a timely fashion and at a reasonable cost. I unequivocally recommend Jackie and her crews, and I plan to continue to utilize her services for the foreseeable future.

Walls, Drainage Swells, & Drainage Areas Under the Correctly Sloped Patio

Relationship: Client
Project Date: March 2011
Project Price: more than $100,000

I am pleased to write this review of Jackie Braitman. My husband and I hired her to redesign our porch and kitchen based on jobs of hers that we had seen earlier. Not only do we love her designs but we love working with her. She has a breadth of knowledge that is unmatched. She is highly creative and easy to talk to. Above all, based on the fact that my husband and I were not in agreement on some of the details, Jackie was able to help us conceptualize and visualize the final design. She listens closely and takes notes so she can incorporate your expressed desires into the project. We made the best decisions about our project and are very happy with the outcome. If I had another renovation project, Jackie would be the only person I’d call.

A Centralized Kitchen