Spiffing Up The Curb Appeal of a Tired 1960’s Home

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AFTER:  New Siding and Roofing — in a different Palette — blends with the original brick.
Before and After Curb Appeal
BEFORE: The home looked tired.

New vinyl siding and composite roofing – in a more modern palette – plus a few judicial upgrades turned this tired-looking home into an attractive neighborhood space.

Before:  This 1960’s brick and siding 2-level home in Greenbelt, MD was looking a bit tired.  Aluminum siding – probably installed in the 1970’s over original clapboard, was in bad shape and could no longer be cleaned.  The roof was also worse for wear.  And the curved driveway was badly cracked and difficult to navigate.  The front entry was uncomfortable because the landing was 2 tall but narrow steps down from the door.  You needed to step up onto one of the steps to ring the bell and it made it awkward and potentially dangerous to enter and leave.  A maple tree was too close to the house and was sickly.

Solutions:  In addition to the cosmetic changes – new siding and composite roofing – in a new palette.  We raised the stoop to just 5 inches down from the door – making a graceful entry.  We resurfaced the driveway in asphalt and added a concrete “walkway” beside it to make it easier to navigate and to improve the approach by visitors to the home.  The carport and front entry were improved with pavers and better grade management.  A semi-circular front patio gives the homeowners a desired front sitting area to visit with neighbors and to just watch the world go by.

While the wife always “hated” the color of the original brick, the new palette rationalizes the colors and makes it feel more natural.

Finally, we connected the existing front garden bed with additional landscaping that connects to the geometry of the site and sight lines.

New entry porch
AFTER: The new entry porch is safer and more attractive. Broken concrete was replaced with pavers that coordinate with the original brick. A large raised slab creates a comfortable landing place as you enter or leave the home.
BEFORE:  The concrete of the carport and entry were cracked and spauling. The landing was 2 step, narrow steps down from the door — making entry and exit awkward and potentially dangerous.
The cracked driveway was re-surfaced with asphalt while a new walkway beside it provides a graceful entry for visitors. The wider driveway is also easier to navigate.
The organic curves of the garden beds, sitting area and walkway help the house blend into its setting
A front concrete sitting area off the front landing was on the homeowner’s wish list for awhile.
Front Patio
The new front sitting patio, off the entry porch, is a spot to visit with neighbors and watch the world go by . . . and to rest after working in the garden.
We integrated the homeowners existing planting bed near the street with planting beds that wrap the drive and around the front of the house — without obscuring the views from inside.
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