Remodeling a Tiny Bath

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My clients in Takoma Park, MD wanted to remodel a bath shared by 2 teenage daughters.  The bath measures only 6’ x 5’.  Included on their wishlist was a glass shower surround, a shower that will accommodate 2 girls of different heights and adequate storage.

Wedge Shaped Counter Makes Tiny Bath Work
Wedge Shaped Counter Makes Tiny Bath Work

Of course, to keep costs down we kept the toilet and shower in their existing locations.  We moved the sink just slighting along the wall.  The room configuration eliminated the ability to have both a glass shower door and a normal vanity.

Floating Wedge-Shaped Countertop with Vessel Sink:  Our solution was a wedge-shaped floating limestone countertop.  The shape of the countertop dictated the use of a vessel sink and a wall-mounted faucet.

Floating Shelving Below & Opposite: We used floating wedge-shaped open shelving below the countertop.  This look is echoed on the opposite side by smaller wedge shaped shelving at the same heights.  The open shelving allows for more accessible and efficient storage.

Floating Shelves Help Make Tiny Bath Feel More Open
Floating Shelves Help Make Tiny Bath Feel More Open

Stone-Look Porcelain Tile: We used stone-look porcelain tile to keep costs reasonable.

Custom Square Shower: To give maximum range to the shower door we built a 5” wide wing wall on which to mount the hinges for the door.  A door stop mounted under the countertop keeps the shower door from hitting the countertop, sink or lighting.  The custom size and wing wall dictated a tiled shower pan.  We used 2” mosaic porcelain tile that matches the tile used in the rest of the bath.  The glass is etched to provide privacy since the bath is used by the more than one individual.

Shower Bar & Corner Shelf: We used a shower bar which allows the girls to adjust the shower head to their height.  It also allows them to shower without getting their hair wet if they desire.  I have a strong preference for Jado shower bars.  They are designed to provide a better range of up and down as well as side-to-side flexibility in directing the shower head.  We selected a head with multiple jet options.  A corner storage shelf mounted relatively high stores soap as well as shampoo and bodywash up and away from the stream of the shower.

Shower Bar Is Flexible for Taller & Shorter Children
Shower Bar Is Flexible for Taller & Shorter Occupants

Wall mirror plus tall mirrored medicine cabinet: A large wall mounted mirror gives the girls a good view of themselves and their clothing.  We recessed a tall medicine cabinet on the opposite wall.  By opening the door of the medicine cabinet to varying degrees, the girls can see their backs and the back of their hair.  [Note: one of the girls has written “you are beautiful” in red in two places on the medicine cabinet.]

Lighting, Heat & Ventilation: Sconces mounted on the wall mirror needed to be shallow enough not to interfere with the open shower door.  They are positioned for good lighting for applying makeup.  The same scone is mounted horizontally above the medicine cabinet.  We selected an exhaust fan that also provides heat and lighting.  The heater helps warm the room on cold winter days without heating the rest of the house.  The unit also has a ceiling light and nighlight as part of the unit.

To keep the room looking neat, we installed hooks on the door for towels and robes.  A towel bar on the shower door and a towel ring on the mirror provide additional places for hand and bath towels.

Scroll down to see the new floor plan and “before” pictures.

Floor Plan Tiny Bath
Floor Plan Shows How Wedge-Shaped Countertop Opens Up Tiny Bath
Before Photo
Before Photo with Shower Curtain & Standard Vanity
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