The Powder Room – A Small Room With Big Impact

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I love remodeling powder rooms.  They’re tiny so you can often afford to splurge.  Plus, it’s one of the rooms your Guests spend time in so they’ll remember all the wonderful touches.

Powder Room - Big Impact for Small Space
Powder Room – A Big Impact for A Small Space

In the powder room, above, we used hand-made glass tile, glass sink and soap dish.  Otherwise, the materials were low-cost or scrounged.  The vanity is an unfinished console table that we stained a custom-mixed stain to coordinate with the slate tile.  The slate tile is actually a low-cost porcelain look-alike.  The marble countertop was scrounged from the scrap pile of a local stone fabricator.  The mirror was found on the curb and we refurbished and custom-stained to coordinate.

So even though we used custom materials, the overall cost was quite low.  The glass sink, in particular, makes the room.  I must admit that I would only put a glass sink in the powder room — but what a great one-of-a-kind statement you can make!

Powder Room - Glass Sink
Big Impact Powder Room
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