A New Hall Bath in a Brick Rambler

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This bath accommodates the owner's wheelchair-assisted mother
This bath accommodates the owner’s wheelchair-assisted mother


This new hall bath was built in the location that previously housed a small galley kitchen in a 1950’s post-WWII brick rambler in Silver Spring, MD.  [See floor plans, below.]

The homeowner’s mother often uses a wheelchair and my client wanted her mother to feel comfortable staying when she visited from Haiti.  To save money, we put in a regular tub along with multiple grab-bars instead of a walk-in tub.  The room has a 60″ turning-radius for the wheelchair and it pulls up neatly under the wall-mounted sink.  Ample room surrounding the toilet along with additional grab-bars helps increase the comfort and safety of the bath along with a 34″ entry door.

A wheelchair fits neatly under the wall-hung sink
A wheelchair fits neatly under the wall-hung sink

The budget was kept in check by using:

  • A relatively low-cost 12×12 porcelain tile for both the flooring and for the shower surround,
  • A shower curtain rather than glass doors,
  • A surface-mounted medicine cabinet, and
  • Readily available stock fixtures.

The hand-held shower slides on a bar and can be used when bathing and showering — as well as to help clean the tub.

Accessible Shower
The Shower and Grab-bars Help Create a Safe Showering or Bathing Experience.

Teak shelves in a corner provide additional storage.   The sleek, modern look was aided by using metal edging for the outside corners of all the tile intersections instead of bullnosed tile.

Teak Shelves Provide Extra Storage
Teak Shelves Provide Extra Storage In the Spare Bath

This new bath was part of a larger remodeling project.  You can read more about the project here:

Here are the before and after floor plans:

Floor Plan After
Floor Plan After


Floor Plan Before
Floor Plan Before



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