Custom Shower Mosaic

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Custom Shower Mosaic
Details of Custom Shower Mosaic. All natural stone was used including carrara marble, honey onyx, black onyx, and golden limestone (on the vanity counters, see images below).  Photo:  Roger Foley

A reader recently asked if there were any additional images of this shower mosaic.  The detailed image, above, was left out of the original post.  Plus the post is old enough that I thought I would highlight this special bath again.

This is a bath that I did for myself in a previous home over 10 years ago.  I did some of the work myself — to test out some ideas and to save money.  I did all the tiling — including this mosaic — and the tile counters for both vanities.  Other cost-savings selections included using unfinished bookshelves to which we added doors and drawers and then painted.  A shower curtain was used instead of glass — horizontal moldings hide the shower rod and make it feel built-in.  I also made the glass sinks and the stained glass cabinet door inserts.  White cotton fabric was simply tied to large, iron S-hooks.  Ample storage in the vanities and the tall cabinet allowed me to use simple framed mirrors.

View from the Alcove Vanity
Notice the coordinated designs and palette of the stained glass front of the tall cabinet, the custom mosaic and the tiles used for both vanity counter.  To save money and to make sure that views of the custom mosaic weren’t blocked, the shower stall employs a trim piece across the front to hide the shower rod and to provide a built-in look.
Vanity Alcove
A consistent horizontal molding line at 7ft throughout the bath helps make the very high ceilings feel right in this small space.  Unfinished cabinets, painted black, were used for both vanities.
Corner Vanity with Lots of Light
A corner vanity highlights the custom glass sink. The tiled countertop provides an easy to clean surface and pleasing texture. The two windows provide lots of light and a breezy feel. The window sills area continuous and also form a small ledge atop the vanity area. Photo:  Roger Foley
Alcove Vanity
The second vanity sits in an alcove. The large mirror reflects lights from the 2 windows filling the bath with natural light. A second custom glass sink anchors the vanity. The same tile — used in a different design — is used for the counter of this vanity. In the mirror, you also have another view of the stained glass doors of the tall cabinet that provides storage for the bath and privacy to the toilet area. Photo:  Roger Foley
A custom glass sink recalls the shape of a flower.
A custom glass sink recalls the shape of a flower.  Photo:  Roger Foley
Floor Plan – Notice the cabinet next to the toilet that services as storage and provides privacy to the toilet area. 2 vanities with adequate space provide room for a couple to use the bath at the same time. The spacious shower is made more so by the large bench area.
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