A Beautiful Way to Solve Water Problems

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4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Way to Solve Water Problems”

  1. Jackie,

    As the owner of the home whose backyard underwent this amazing transformation, I wanted to let your readers know how completely pleased I am with the result and what a pleasure it was to work with you on this project. Not only was the project done in a professional and timely manner, the total cost stayed well within the original budget projection. Each of the subcontractors where top-notch at their specialties, and I would not hesitate to retain them again at some point in the future. And, perhaps best of all, I now have this beautiful landscape greeting me each day. Thanks for working with me on this project, and look forward to additional opportunities to utilize your design talents. Best, Julie A. Spiezio

  2. It is of great interest to see this home;s outdoors ,having a patio and also enhancing the looks.along with using rainwater.
    It is a good decision to make use of the terrain and also work within a budget.Certainly more and more people should use precious water wisely.

  3. Hi Other than redirecting the water around the retaining walls, how did you utilize the water? The picture does not show.

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