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Project Location: Cleveland Park, Washington, DC
Project Summary: First Floor Remodel with indoor/outdoor access plus Upstairs Bath Expansion
Year of Completion: 2016
Aspects of Note: Open Plan Living in a Small Footprint with indoor/outdoor access
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We opened up this 1930’s brick semi-detached home in Washington, DC. We turned the small cramped rooms into a light-filled, open-plan space that still retains intimacy and original details.

Identically sized openings help the rooms read as both a single space as well as individual spaces. The bar area mixes cabinetry and stand-alone furniture that’s been built-in to function as a whole. Stained wood openings help maintain the original style of the 1930’s home.

The main kitchen is small but efficient and centrally located between the living and dining areas. A narrow, full-column refrigerator helps make the small space efficient.

Before Picture (see first image for after)


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