Dormer Addition with a Loft-Like, Industrial Feel

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Project Location: Takoma Park, MD, Historic District
Project Summary: Back Dormer Addition
Year of Completion: 2017
Aspects of Note: Loft-Like Dormer Addition with Industrial Features & Custom Pergola Cover

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Project Description

These are preliminary images of a dormer addition on my own home.  The house is a 1917 “worker’s” bungalow  in the historic district of Takoma Park.  I work from home and the 2nd floor is now both office and bedroom.  There are many unusual elements including:

  • A vaulted Ceiling Clad with Galvanized, Corrugated Metal
  • Exposed LVL Studs above 6ft
  • LED Strip Lighting
  • A Central Plywood Core that houses the office on one side and bed/dressing on the other
  • Daylight streaming through from 4 sides
  • Original Flooring That’s Been Stained with a Semi-Solid Stain (intended for wood siding).

A roof balcony visually and physically extends the space.  The railing isn’t finished yet nor are the future large planting boxes and furnishings.

The palette is dominated by natural materials — oiled & raw woods, steel and copper — along with color saturated paints and fabrics.

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