Sculptural Landscape

This outdoor room is at once dramatic and intimate – providing privacy from a very close neighbor, inviting indoor-outdoor living, and the sounds and fragrance of the modern garden.

Opening Up a 1930’s Cape Code

The typical small house built in the 1930’s — with small, cut-off rooms — creates the opportunity for a different type of “great room”. Instead of a single (too often sterile space), we create a “great room” composed of interconnected spaces that blur the lines between kitchen, living, dining and study. This type of opening-up with the existing footprint creates the ability to be together while still engaging in separate activities. It’s an inviting, nurturing type of family life.

Front Parking and Safety

A reconfigured driveway with parking pad, turn-around, stairs, lighting and handrails improves the safety and appearance of a 1940’s home on a busy street.

Entrance to Powder Room

A Combined Powder Room, Guest Bath & Laundry

This combined powder room, guest bath and laundry was a compromise for our client — as are so many remodeling choices. The combined space, though, actually succeeds graciously to fulfill all its functions.

The Cedar Parking Screen visually keeps the car out of the garden

Backyard Privacy

A custom cedar pergola with ceiling fans keeps mosquitoes at bay. Along with a tapestry of new plantings and a cedar screen, the yard feels at once more secluded and larger.