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Ensuring Return Value For Your Remodeling Costs

Curb Appeal & Maintenance Projects

When you live in a place that fits you and your family to a tee, and that embodies your sense of beauty – you’re happier and healthier. These 4 concepts will help you understand whether you’ll get your investment back at resale.

Comparing Contractor Estimates – Part 1

It’s frustrating — to say the least– when you receive wildly different price quotes for what you think is the same work. This article is about how to compare estimates when you’ve provided the contractor a drawing of what you want.

Basement Remodeling – Cost Components

I’m in the process of designing a basement for one of my clients in Bethesda, MD. Since most of us have a hard time believing how expensive remodeling can be, I thought it would be useful to see the costs of the different components for this remodeling project and where cost savings can be achieved.

Price Drivers in Residential Remodeling

Remodeling is expensive! There’s just no getting around it. There are 3 main factors that drive price: Size, Complexity & Finish Level. We’ll look at each briefly and then also look at ways to minimize the effect of each.