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What Does it Cost to Remodel a kitchen?

What does it cost to renovate a kitchen? I’ve had 3-4 contacts within the past few weeks from homeowners who wish to renovate their kitchens for budgets ranging from $15,000 to $25,000. In their words, they want to gut their kitchens and replace everything from cabinets to lighting to flooring.

Opening a Galley Kitchen Part 5

This is the 5th article about taking an isolated kitchen in an older home and making it the center of today’s activities. While not strictly a galley kitchen, the kitchen in this 1930’s home is isolated from the rest of the house. My clients asked how they could make the kitchen the center of the home

Opening Up a Galley Kitchen – Part 3

This is the 3rd article about taking an isolated galley kitchen in an older home and making it the center of today’s activities. The original kitchen had adequate space — including adequate counter space — so we didn’t need to enlarge the kitchen. Instead we removed the wall …

Opening Up a Galley Kitchen – Part 2

Galley kitchens can be very effective work spaces. The big problem with galley kitchens in older homes is that they are cut off from everything — and often have limited counter space. I’ve yet to find a small galley kitchen that I couldn’t successfully incorporate into an open plan.

A Low-Cost Kitchen Remodel

My client wanted to create a sophisticated, serene look without too much expense. The original kitchen cabinets were oak with a door pattern and a honey stain seen in far too many homes.

Expanding a Galley Kitchen

We often relocate kitchens in houses that originally had small galley kitchens in the back of the house. For this 1914 duplex in Washington, DC that wasn’t possible — both for reasons of budget and space. Instead we popped part of it into the dining room.