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A Garden Room in the Front Adds Curb Appeal and Function

Another View of Front Garden Room

I’ve proposed a front garden room with pergola to add curb appeal and function to my client’s home. The husband is a bit afraid that the idea is too radical. So I pulled together this slideshow of work of my own and of other’s to help him visualize the delightful effect of creating a front garden room.

Another Approach to Solar Energy

Solartech Glass Roof Tiles

I’m intrigued by Solatech Energy’s approach to solar energy — it uses glass roof tiles to capture the heat and to heat water that circulates with the existing heating system.

Back-To School Storage for a Side Hall Colonial

Back to School Storage

Back to school brings the clutter of back-packs, jackets, and more — often to our front foyers. Here’s one solution the we developed for a 1940’s small side-hall colonial. Maybe it will also work in your house.

Gardening’s Final Frontier: the “Hellstrip”

Gardening in the Hell Strip

Those vexing plots between street and sidewalk – known by some as “hellstrips” — are getting a makeover. Garden-savvy homeowners are seeing unique opportunity in these often ignored plots, potentially contributing to visitors’ first impressions and “curb appeal.”