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Bath Lighting

Alcove Bath Sconces

A quick guide for selecting bath lighting for your remodeling project

Bath Storage Ideas

Bath Storage - Storage Tower

When you’re remodeling your bath, it’s a great time to build-in lots of storage!

What Makes for A Comfortable Shower Size?

What makes a shower comfortable in size and configuration for one individual to shower? While code says 30″ square is allowed, for me this is far too small — and I’m small to begin with. In my opinion, a shower needs to be at least 30″ wide and preferably 34″ to 36″ wide.

Solid Surface Shower Pans

One place to save money without sacrificing function or looks is in yor choice of matrial for the shower pan.

Choosing a Tub

Your choice about a tub for the bath can be frustrating. Think comfort first!