Window Film – Attractive and Inexpensive Privacy

Many of my clients want privacy for certain windows while maximizing light and convenience.  I steer them first toward window film if they aren’t likely to raise and lower blinds or open and close curtains due to location or propensity.

Window films come in a huge variety of patterns and levels of translucency.  Window films are also friendly for “do-it-yourselfers”.  Here are some ideas and resources.  Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, you’ll find styles to suit.

Window Film - Attractive, Easy Privacy
Design by Maria Liv From the Scandinavian Design Center

The design above is by Maria Liv.  This design and others by Maria Liv are available online from the Scandinavian Design Center.

Strossel Designed Window Film
Window Film by Strossel Design

The two designs above are  by Strossel Design and others by Strossel Design are also available online from the Scandinavian Design Center as well as from Rare Device.

The above designs are available in set sizes.  If you want more flexibility to customize a design to your window or door or to design your own, check out Window Film Factory.   Below are 2 of their stock designs but they will be customized for your window size.

Stock Design From Window Film Factory
Stock Design From Window Film Factory
Window Film Factory Design
Stock Design From Window Film Factory

You can also use this company for written messages, house numbers or other alpha-numeric designs.

I used Decorative Films for the simple frosted film for the closet doors, below.  They have a wide variety of films including floral patterns, stained glass patterns, and architectural patterns all of which can be ordered in a variety of widths and cut to the foot.

Frosted Film for Closet Doors
Frosted Film for Closet Doors

I recommend that you use self-clinging window film without adhesive.  The directions are quite easy:
1. Cut the right size of the film and remove backpaper.
2. Spray window with water and soap solution.
Apply the film to the window and press bubbles out with a cloth or window scraper.
The film is easy to remove without leaving a trace.
I will advise that larger windows can be hard to do and you’ll need help.  It took two of us to apply the film to the doors, above.  Each panel was approximately 80 x 36.  We probably could have used a 3rd hand.  We also found it easier with these large expanses to remove the doors and lay them flat on saw horses.

I plan to use the left-over film to create a custom design on one of my own windows.  I’ll apply the film as a single piece and then cut out designs with a utility knife.  I’ll show you pictures when I’m done.

By the way, you can also pick up static cling window films at Home Depot and Lowes — you’ll just have less of a selection.

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