Solid Surface Shower Pans

Remodeling baths can give a high return in both enjoyment and resale. It’s also easy to spend lots of money in bath remodling. One place to save money without sacrificing function or looks is in yor choice of matrial for the shower pan. One option is tile, like the marble mosaic tile in the bath floor, above. But the traditonal method of installation is labor intensive and therefore more costly. Because of the slope of the floor, you also need to choose small tiles for the shower floor (like the mosaic shown). Sometimes this can look too busy depending on the other material choices in the bath.
My preferred alternative is a solid surface shower pan like the shower, above. While the solid surface material is more expensive than an acrylic shower pan, it has both a better feel on your feet as well as a high-end look. In fact, I prefer the feel of the smooth (but safe) solid surface than the feel of mosaic tile. There are many stock sizes to choose from. One of the reasons we didn’t use a solid surface shower pan in the first bath is that we couldn’t use a stock size pan. A special order size would have cost almost as much as the tile installation and would have taken several months to arrive.
While just a little trickier to install, it’s also quite possible to add a bench to a shower that uses a solid surface shower pan — you can just see the beginning of the bench in the shower, above.
Many makers of solid surface material — such as Corian — also make shower pans. It’s also now possible to purchase stone pans, like the one above. They are available in most of the commonly used stone varieties used in the bath including granite and marble.
Solid Surface Shower Pans: Royal Stone Industries.
Stone Shower Pan: Buffalo Natural Stone Products
Images courtesy of Braitman Design/Build except Stone Shower Pan Image courtesy of Buffalo Natural Stone Products.
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