Privacy For a Home Office With Arched Doorway

I got a message the other day from a reader who works from home.  Her home office has an arched doorway and she’s been struggling with ways to create privacy while preserving the arch.  I haven’t been able to speak with her yet to get all the details but I do have one idea that may or may not work in her situation.

Creating Privacy With Arched Doorway
Creating Privacy With Arched Doorway


If she has the space to build a new wall inside her home office, she can create very valuable storage space while also preserving the arch and adding privacy.  In the rendering, above, I added a frosted glass door opposite the arched doorway.  On either side of the new door, I put deep closet that can hide file cabinets and printers and office supplies.  The closets also provide additional sound-proofing and a sense of separation.  By painting the new alcove a deep, saturated color she can enchance the sense that the home office is a different realm from the rest of the house.

Below is the floor plan showing the new wall, new door and new closet space.

Floor Plan to Create Privacy in Home Office
Floor Plan to Create Privacy Without Sacrificing the Arched Doorway
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