Now You See It …. Now You Don’t

Entertainment Built-ins Beside Fireplace
Entertainment Built-ins Beside Fireplace

Another nice design idea from the house I visited in California recently — entertainment components that disappear when not in use.   While this is new construction, the concept would be easy to incorporate into remodeling depending upon the house construction.  The cabinets to the left of the fireplace hide the TV and all the additional paraphernalia that goes along with it.  The wall was bumped out for both the fireplace and the entertainment cabinets — the bump-out creates a pleasing alcove outside by the front door that creates a sense of arrival.

Doors slide into cabinet -- like you'll find in hotels
Doors slide into cabinet — like you’ll find in hotels

The doors slide back into the cabinets — like you’ll find in hotels — to open all the components to the living room.  Remote controls and other line-of-sight devices can work easily.  When you’re done watching TV, close the doors and everything is out of sight.

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