A Garden Room in the Front Adds Curb Appeal and Function

Garden Rooms in the Front Add Curb Appeal & Function
Proposed Garden Room in the Front to Add Curb Appeal & Function

My clients asked for ideas to improve the curb appeal of their home. In discussions about how they live, it seemed that I could improve their lives by adding one or more garden rooms to extend the feel and reach of their small home and to provide a better flow inside and outside of their home. Among several ideas, one they all responded to was a front stone patio that connects a front garden room to a side den. The garden room’s ceiling would be a wood pergola (see first image, below). Plantings beyond a sitting-height stone wall would provide a sense of privacy and improve their views from inside the home.

Another View of Front Garden Room
Another View of the Proposed Garden Room as Viewed from the Front Walk

Before moving forward, the husband asked if I could show him images of other homes with pergola’s and garden rooms in the front yard.  I think he was a little afraid the idea was too radical.   I used houzz to pull together images from my own work and the work of others to help him further visualize the wonderful effect of creating a garden room in the front of a home.   Below is a slide show of the images. 

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