Curb-Appeal: A 2-Week Make-Over

Curb Appeal - Welcoming Porch
A back porch Welcomes Clients and the Neighborhood

I live down the street from a 4-Square built around 1915.  It’s at a prominent intersection and is zoned commercial.  A string of non-descript businesses have leased space there.  The house wasn’t a blight on the neighborhood but it didn’t add anything either.  Then “The Still Point”  a well-respected holistic spa took up residence.  First they built-out their interior; then they moved on the exterior.  In the course of approximately 2-weeks the outside of the building when from non-descript to warm and welcoming.  Thoughtful paint, lighting, furniture and decoration turned a cold, inward-looking structure into a nicely scaled building that beckons the neighborhood into its doors.

AFTER - Neighborhood View
AFTER – Main Neighborhood View
BEFORE - Main Neighborhood View
BEFORE – Main Neighborhood View – Courtesy of Google Earth

The, above,  After and Before pictures are the view from the main intersection.  A new, wide stairway from the back porch welcomes visitors.  As seen in the introductory image, outdoor drapes help create an intimate space while ceiling fans, furniture and potted palms help make the space intimate.

Curb Appeal - Closer
A Closer View of the Back Stairs
Curb Appeal - Front AFTER
AFTER – View of the Front of the House
BEFORE - Front of House
BEFORE – Front of House

The front porch (see After and Before, above) received a slightly more formal but equally inviting make-over.  The line of semi-flush light fixtures – while providing more light than is strictly necessary – creates an extremely attractive rhythm.  The door, made prominent with black contrasting paint, is no longer over-emphasized.

Notice that they also cleaned up the various phone and cable lines coming into the house so that they no longer distract from the front porch.

Carpeted Front Steps
Carpeted Front Steps

Porch steps were carpeted in a deep forest outdoor carpeting to avoid the slipperiness of painted wood.  A water feature near the front door, providing a welcoming auditory break from the street.

Welcoming Front Porch
Welcoming Front Porch

The mocha and crème color scheme brings out the subtle colors of the roof and highlights the architecture much better than did the former white, dark grey and red scheme.  The more subtle palette also contrasts nicely with the black powder-coated furniture and lighting fixtures.  Our eye likes contrast and texture and the new palette caters to these preferences.

Other than the back steps to the porch, there were no structural changes, but now the building is a part of and beckons to the neighborhood rather than standing apart.

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5 thoughts on “Curb-Appeal: A 2-Week Make-Over”

  1. I am looking for a designer to help us upgrade the front of our home. We have a 1950’s ranch with a narrow front porch with wrought iron railings in Alexandria, va. We have a limited budget, but want to stay within our home’s current footprint. Might you have time for our job?; or suggest others in the Alexandria area?
    Thank you.

  2. Linda – Thank you so much for your interest. This is exactly the type of work we do. I’ll get in touch with you directly to talk about how you would like to proceed.

  3. Hi

    My husband and I are looking to do some renovations to our 1970s home. We are surrounded by historic homes in a hisoric district in Arlington, VA. We would like the facade to blend in more with the neighborhood. In addition, we have several things on our wish list to improve the function and aesthetics within our existing space. We also are big believers in recycling and repurposing materials. Based on these needs, please get in touch with us to determine if this is a job you may be interested in undertaking. Thanks.

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