An Corner Nook for a Space-Saving Eat-In Kitchen

Corner Breakfast Nook
The Tall Wainscoting Nicely Sets of This Corner Eating Nook

A kitchen eating nook – or banquette – is a space-saving way to create an eat-in kitchen.  Plus think of all those times you asked for a booth in a restaurant instead of a more central table – a booth is just cozier.  You feel protected and pampered at the same time.

I’m prompted to write this because I’m currently working with a client where we’ll probably include a corner eating nook.  The space is quite small for everything the homeowner wants to fit in – only about 10-1/2 ft x 14 ft.  We’re moving the kitchen from cramped gallery kitchen completely cut off from the rest of the house to an existing dining room addition where we’ll be able to connect it to the patio as well as to the living areas.

Corner Eating Nook Floor Plan
Conceptual Floor Plan

The placement of the nook in the front corner makes for easy access, good views of the garden and also a more pleasing view as you walk through the house toward the kitchen.

So I’m gathering a few images of corner breakfast nooks to give her a sense of the possibilities and to get a sense of her preferences.  If you have any to share, I would love to see them.

Corner Breakfast Nook
Large Windows & Comfy Cushions Make This Nook Inviting
Breakfast Nook
This Modern Look Can Easily Be Adapted to Corner Eating if My Client Likes the Look
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4 thoughts on “An Corner Nook for a Space-Saving Eat-In Kitchen”

  1. Hi Jackie,

    How did the installation of the kitchen nook go in the end? O did you decide against it? You’re right, they are such a brilliant way to save space. The ones you have shown in the pictures look perfectly designed.

    Many thanks

  2. Hi Jackie, What do you call the table style/type in these first two pictures? It’s a rectangular shaped top and has two pedestals underneath that are attached by a cross piece of wood. I see them in many breakfast nook pictures, but can’t seem to find them for sale anywhere? Thanks for your help.

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