Another Approach to Solar Energy

Solartech Glass Roof Tiles
Solartech Glass Roof Tiles
Close-up of SolarTech's Glass Roof Tiles -- with Black Backing
Close-up of SolarTech’s Glass Roof Tiles — with Black Backing

I’m intrigued by Solatech Energy’s approach to solar energy — especially given all the old houses that I work on with hot water heat.  It uses glass roof tiles to capture the heat and to heat water that circulates with the existing heating system.  The glass tiles are similar in weight to clay roofing tiles.  They also have a wall panel system for south-facing walls.

Solartech's Glass Wall Panels
Solartech’s Glass Wall Panels

SolarTech is a Swedish Company.  If used in a climate like our’s — in the Washington DC area —  haven’t figured out where the heat goes during our summers.

I wonder how our Historic Preservation District would feel about it ?. . .
And how does this sync with the light-colored cool roofs that we want in the summer? . . .

Once I get the answer I’ll report back.

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