Add Excitement to Your Color Palette

Color Accent - Purple
Deep Purple Wall Color Accent Frames Dining Room

My client in Arlington, Virginia asked me for help selecting colors for their new home.  They live in a mid-century modern ranch designed for an architect for himself and his family.  One wall is a beautiful concrete brick wall in a beautiful shade of sage (see below).  So we selected 2 different greens that would reflect the brick wall and also the daylight exposure in each room.  When I suggested a very deep purple as an accent wall they were quite skeptical.  I suggested the color as a perfect near-complement to the grayed sage greens.  And also to accent the architecture.

I got these photos today along with a message that ended:  “So, we did trust you, and glad we did ;-)”

Custom Brick Wall Sets Palette
Custom Brick Wall Sets Palette
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