A Horizontal Molding Line to Integrate Design Elements

I often use a single horizontal line – molding, tile, window sills or other elements – to bring unity to a design.

Set Molding At Same Height
Notice How Using Wainscoting of the Same Height Helps the Eye Move Thru Rooms

In this kitchen/dining remodel in Silver Spring, MD, we set the height of the wainscoting at the same height as the top of the backsplash.  We used the same height in the breakfast area as in the dining room.  Notice as you look through the rooms, you have the same reference horizontal line bringing together all the design elements.

Molding to Integrate Design Elements
The Height of the Wainscot is the Same as the Backsplash
Set Molding at Tile Height
Another View Showing the Integrated Molding & Design Elements
A Final View Showing the Integrated Elements

We used the same technique in this very small bath in Washington, DC to help unify very disjoint elements.  We purposely set the height of the wainscoting and medicine cabinet to the height of the existing window sill.  By doing so, we simplified the lines in a small bath that is bisected by sections of ceiling lowered to accommodate pipes.  This technique helps make the window and soffits become an integral part of the composition.

Molding Heights
Wainscoting At Window Sill Height Helps Integrate Elements
Molding Heights
A doctored Image Shows The Disjoint Nature of a Lower Wainscoting

All images courtesy of Braitman Design/Build

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