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Sculptural Landscape

Architectural designer and sculptor, Jackie Braitman, has created a sculptural dining pavilion at her own home to showcase the possibilities of marrying sculpture with landscape design in a modest residential setting.  [Photography by Roger Foley.] This installation creates an outdoor room that is at once dramatic and intimate – providing privacy from a very close neighbor without use of privacy fences or hedges. The powder-coated steel fins of the pergola – transparent from some angles — provide privacy from key sitting areas, inside and out.…

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A Master Suite Within the Existing Footprint

Built in 1903, this vernacular farmhouse had small rooms, limited closets, and poor flow. The owners wanted a luxurious master suite without increasing the footprint of the house. We consolidated two small bedrooms into a spacious master bedroom.

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Tell me How You Block a View

I’ve moved to a neighborhood built at the turn of the 20th Century where many of these homes, including mine, have windows that look into a neighbor’s house. The quickest and cheapest solution is often drapery and curtains which help ensure privacy but also often block light and a sense of space. Below are some strategies I’ve used to block a view. I would love to hear about ways you’ve successfully blocked a view while retaining daylight and airiness.

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