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Vessel Sink in Master Bath

A Trio of Baths on a Budget

My client wanted to remodel both baths as well as the Powder Room on a limited budget. The hall bath – used daily by the husband and occasionally by the adult children when visiting – was badly short of efficient storage. The master bath also needed additional storage but the family didn’t need two tubs so we could convert the tub in the master to a shower only – freeing up some space.

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De-mystifying the Choice of Toilets

If you’re confused about all the choices as you select a toilet for your remodeled bath, you’re not alone.  To make it worse, if you’re about my age, you also remember the bad rap of the first generation of water savings toilets.  The early 1.6-gallon per flush toilets often took multiple flushes and left dirty porcelain.  Today’s high-efficiency toilets, for the most part, do a good job of clearing the bowl.  They’ve been re-designed from the ground up and there’s every reason for you to…

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