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De-mystifying the Choice of Toilets

If you’re confused about all the choices as you select a toilet for your remodeled bath, you’re not alone.  To make it worse, if you’re about my age, you also remember the bad rap of the first generation of water savings toilets.  The early 1.6-gallon per flush toilets often took multiple flushes and left dirty porcelain.  Today’s high-efficiency toilets, for the most part, do a good job of clearing the bowl.  They’ve been re-designed from the ground up and there’s every reason for you to…

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Shower Bar Is Flexible for Taller & Shorter Children

Remodeling a Tiny Bath

My clients in Takoma Park, MD wanted to remodel a bath shared by 2 teenage daughters.  The bath measures only 6’ x 5’.  Included on their wishlist was a glass shower surround, a shower that will accommodate 2 girls of different heights and adequate storage. Of course, to keep costs down we kept the toilet and shower in their existing locations.  We moved the sink just slighting along the wall.  The room configuration eliminated the ability to have both a glass shower door and a…

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