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Bumped Out Dining Nook

When is a bump-out really an Addition?

I got a question recently on a post about Remodeling Price Drivers asking: “When is a bump out no longer a bump out but rather an addition?  And when doing a cost estimate, is the cost of a bump out the same as an addition, approximately $200 per square foot?” The short answer is that, for all practical purposes, a bump-out might cost even more than $200/sf.  This is because the bumped out area still requires support and roofing and might require HVAC and other…

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What Does it Cost to Remodel a kitchen?

What does it cost to renovate a kitchen? I’ve had 3-4 contacts within the past few weeks from homeowners who wish to renovate their kitchens for budgets ranging from $15,000 to $25,000. In their words, they want to gut their kitchens and replace everything from cabinets to lighting to flooring.

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