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Creating Privacy With Arched Doorway

Privacy For a Home Office With Arched Doorway

I got a message the other day from a reader who works from home.  Her home office has an arched doorway and she’s been struggling with ways to create privacy while preserving the arch.  I haven’t been able to speak with her yet to get all the details but I do have one idea that may or may not work in her situation.   If she has the space to build a new wall inside her home office, she can create very valuable storage space…

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Basement Remodeling – Cost Components

I’m in the process of designing a basement for one of my clients in Bethesda, MD. Since most of us have a hard time believing how expensive remodeling can be, I thought it would be useful to see the costs of the different components for this remodeling project and where cost savings can be achieved.

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