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The Decorated Ceiling – It’s All in the Details

Many of us love the “charm” of an older home – one built before 1930. For the most part what we’re responding to is the architectural detailing that comes from building without stock parts and without a production mentality. In today’s home, such detailing is no less desirable – whether it’s funky, traditional, or rustic.

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Picture Ledges For Flexibility & Interest

I often suggest that my clients use picture ledged in their homes. Many stores now sell ledges that are 2 feet to 4 feet in length. You can buy ones that are modern or traditional.  I usually prefer to build picture ledges into the molding scheme of the homes, like the ledges above.  You can fit more pictures and they feel better integrated with the architecture.  In this home, the ledges are almost overburdened with family photos.  The modern remodel eliminated several walls that had been used to display…

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Tell me How You Block a View

I’ve moved to a neighborhood built at the turn of the 20th Century where many of these homes, including mine, have windows that look into a neighbor’s house. The quickest and cheapest solution is often drapery and curtains which help ensure privacy but also often block light and a sense of space. Below are some strategies I’ve used to block a view. I would love to hear about ways you’ve successfully blocked a view while retaining daylight and airiness.

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